Killik & Co

Killik & Co are an independent investment company who contacted Lyons & Tigers about assisting them in changing their visual identity.

As the company wanted to stand out and be recognised for being able to assist everyone, rather than just high end portfolios, We felt that it was important to eschew the usual “luxury” imagery that is associated with finance. A particular point that we picked up on was that all of Killik & Co’s clients have a personal point of contact to help them with their finances. We felt that this alluded well to craftsmanship, with a person with skills and experience creating a bespoke item or piece.

We used a ceramicist as the basis for the whole project, from clay all the way to being featured in the home. we felt that bowls and other vessel like objects alluded well to collecting and saving, but also had a humble quality that would resonate with a younger demographic.

Alongside the visual aesthetic of the brand, we also designed their new typographic hierarchy, print layouts, colour palettes and organised four photoshoots that tied the whole visual language together.

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